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 Hi, my name is Jackson Wheeler. I am currently attending Santa Monica High School and I am enrolled in the engineering capstone class. I have always had a thing for engineering, all of it. From coding to designing, I've liked all of the engineering classes I have taken. My goals for this class are to really design something that could be used in the real world. In the past, any project we did, didn't require as much thought or time as the project we are doing. I think with the extended time, I could really improve the quality of my work and make something useful. I don't want to treat this class as an ordinary class but rather a stepping stone into an engineering field I want to pursue in the future. I currently haven't decided what field of engineering I would like to due. If taken a lot of different engineering classes where the focus is different every time. I haven't found the field that just clicks with me and hopefully I am given the freedom to try and find that in this class.

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